Carol Buhler,

Amici Cannis Animal Hospital

I was looking for someone to help me with marketing for my Mesa pop game and I came across Lynn on GringoPost. She has been very helpful for me. She is so friendly, detailed and knowledgeable about all aspects of social media and details as to how to get the best exposure. Lynn has named her company correctly, WOW success team she definitely has wowed me and I am going to continue to use her in my social media exposure to Mesa pop. Lynn is from Hawaii and she now lives in Ecuador helping out in the international field.

Kipp Jenson
Owner of MesaPoP

Lynn Herkes and her WOW Success Team have created four videos for me to promote my novels; have helped design and improve my website, working directly with me to achieve my goals; and have created several internet friendly marketing ads. In each case, I found Lynn and Bob extremely knowledgeable and profession in their approach toward my projects, from picture taking, to videoing and editing, to writing and critiquing copy. The results of each project have increased my sales appreciably.

If you want to improve your business or professional image and promote your brand, this company is a terrific help. They listen to your plan, suggest changes as needed, and then produce a high quality result that you, and they, can be proud to display to the world. Their prices are quite reasonable for the time, interest, and talent they invest in your business.

I intend to continue using them for future branding and marketing projects. You should, too.

Bev Scherberger,

Adam & Jenny Sleightholm
808 Golf Carts

TropicJazz.net Internet Radio

MesaPop Game at https://www.mesapop.com


Richard M. Guevara Maestro

Thank you Lynn, I so appreciate you!!!  You are magic. 

~ A Bark Above Hawaii

US: 1.808.346.0302
EC: 593.99.444.4783

We have a new business, and just celebrated our first year! The WOW Success team has been key in making our business successful. With Lynn's help, we worked on a lot of processes that helped us work more efficiently, to get billing and scheduling more streamlined and most of all, keeping it simple at the same time. They've been invaluable in keeping us updated on the latest software and apps to help accommodate our growth. If they don't have the answer for you, they'll find it. They are here for us whenever we need them, and we strongly encourage other businesses to take advantage of the services they offer. Even if you have an established business, and don't think you need to change anything, let Lynn and Bob take a look, and show you how to make it even MORE successful. Skies the limit with them! They're just all around great people, and would be an incredible asset. Wishing you all a prosperous, and joyful 2016! Thank you Lynn Herkes and Bob Herkes!!

Lynn Herkes spoke with me for about five minutes and knew exactly what I needed. Her ideas and suggestions have made all the difference. She saw what I should do right away as though it was obvious, and I guess it was, to HER! She's friendly and professional and really knows what she's doing. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to revitalize his business, up-date his website/landing page, or just get on board with today's maze of social media. She's AWESOME!

Malama Property Services

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