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Lynn Herkes

has over 26 years education and experience in customer service, production, project management, process improvement, quality control, and engineering. She has a broad industry background including aerospace, tourism, travel, hotel, restaurant, property management, equestrian training, scuba instruction, business and project management, operations, and ownership.
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After living and working in Hawaii for many years, and experiencing firsthand how employees, supervisors, managers, and owners of all sizes of companies were always trying to fight the daily battles and put out fires, we concluded that there was never enough time to work on the important aspects that drive the business forward. We understand that all aspects of the business are important, but as the owner or manager, you have to prioritize which areas need your attention. This often leaves little time for focusing on the big picture issues and truly analyzing and solving all the little details. We're here to help you with all the little details that push your business forward to the next level of success.

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